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What Our Customers Say


I’m a builder and I swear the best stuff for dry elbows and rough hands is that Recovery Cream.





I had some of your Tea & Honey from Kentro Café. Great Combination.

Eleni P.

Mt. Waverley


I got some of your Recovery Cream from my aunt and used it on my baby’s Eczema. Thank you is all I can say.

P.S. Its works great on nappy rash too. You should add this information on the label.

Georgia K.



I got a jar of your Thyme Honey from the Greek festival. The BEST Honey I’ve tasted. Reminds me of my grandmothers village in Crete.

Jenny P. Glenroy


I got some Thyme Honey at the Greek Festival. Mum says it takes her back to her childhood its so good.



Looking after myself is important to me and for my career and it makes perfect sense to use natural products as I am vegetarian. I am so impressed with the Body Sculpting Gel & the results are significant. I see the change since I have been using it. Each month I see more progress and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend the ZOFORI elixer brand and am only too happy to give my endorsement to these products. Amazing products.

Davini Malcolm
Actress & Producer, Melbourne


Highly recommend the Antioxidant Shampoo & Conditioner. I have a very sensitive scalp & this calmed the itching & reduced my dandruff/ psoriasis without taking the colour out of my hair which was a bonus. Also it doesn’t smell bad like most medicated shampoos; this one smells good it’s very clean. By week 2 I noticed an improvement. I’ll continue to use it.

Christine S, Melbourne


I work in an office and my hands are always in the wars from all the paper cuts and handling dusty papers & files. So my hands are always in need of moisturising and protection. I like to use the Hand and Nail cream in the day time it rubs in beautifully & smells good. At night I use Supreme body butter as it’s thicker and I leave that on over night. I feel it really penetrates the skin & it’s more intensive. It fixes up all the damage I do in the daytime.

Rose P, Melbourne


After using your Essential eye cream and Super Antioxidant Cream for the last few weeks I would have to say that my skin never looked better. It is plumper, softer and my face looks clearer. I think I look younger!

Jane S, QLD


I smelt the Soothing Gel & I knew I would love it; it’s just so refreshing and cooling on my skin. I use it all over as my body moisturiser on a daily basis. Everyone asks what I’m wearing, it’s not my perfume it’s the clean green smell of the Soothing Gel. I love it & so does my skin!!!

Tanya K, Melbourne


I tried the Ambrosia Bath Tub Tea bag & it was the nicest, most comforting, relaxing, divine experience. I could not get enough of the fresh herb aroma !!! It was quite an experience to feel so soothed and peaceful afterwards in my mind and body. Love it!!!

I will be getting more & recommend everyone to try this experience as well.

Amy B, Melbourne


I love the Gentle Cleanser OMG the foam is amazing. Love it, love it, love it, love it. My skin is as soft as silk and feels so fresh after using it. Definitely don’t need to use a lotion afterwards. I am so impressed and can’t wait to try all the products.

Suzanne G, Melbourne


I used the Recovery Cream on my 7 years old daughters’ face as she suffers with eczema, the results were almost instant the redness, the bumps & itchiness went and she looked like a princess in her birthday photos a week later. That’s one happy Birthday girl!
I also use the recovery cream on my face to soothe and calm the redness after training. My skin really takes a beating with all the exposure it is subjected to while I am training for triathlons in the harsh outdoors.

As a mother and an athlete I question everything & I would highly recommend the Recovery cream, its steroid free & it’s been fantastic for me & my daughter. Thanks so much.

Heidi Riordan, Melbourne
Australian Athlete. Health, Wellness & Fitness Coach