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Raw Organic Honey with no additives

No preservatives, not adulterated or pasteurised

ZOFORI’s Honey is Raw & Organic with nothing added or removed. It is unprocessed & unheated thus ensuring that all visible nutrients are preserved. Our honey is 100% Cretan, ensuring its purity & quality.

The health benefits of Honey made it a prized resource in traditional medicine. Experts refer to it as a potent superfood & modern scientists have researched & realised its benefits today. Raw Honey is a truly remarkable food made even more extraordinary by the process with which it is made. This blend of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, iron & amino acids is unique, unlike any other food available on the planet. When you look at the composition of raw Honey, you can see clearly why its so valuable. Raw Honey contains powerful antioxidants which protect from illness & disease. It is antibacterial, antifungal & anti-inflammatory, making it unlike any other food available today.

ZOFORI’s Raw Organic Cretan Honey is a wonderful sweetener & health food that is as nutritious as it is aromatic, flavoursome & utterly intoxicating.

Raw Organic Cretan Thyme Honey

ZOFORI Raw Organic Cretan Thyme Honey is harvested from hives located high in the Psiloritis Mountain, the highest mountain in Crete where the bees feast on tian abundance of WILD Thyme. Organic Thyme Honey is high in antioxidants & antifungal properties. Thyme Honey has the richest taste  flavour of all varieties.

This unique Honey is prized for its fragrant aroma & its intense, exquisite sweet, tangy flavour.

Raw Organic Cretan Thyme-Pine Honey

ZOFORI Raw Organic Cretan Pine-Thyme Honey is made using the traditional Minoan method where the bees blend the Honey themselves (no artificial blending). Our bee hives are first placed at Psiloritis mountain, a location with an abundance of Thyme & then moved to Crete’s Selekano Pine forests. Raw Organic Pine-Thyme Honey is a very rare honey, high in antioxidants, antifungal properties & has been used for thousands of years as medicine for respiratory ailments, coughs & colds.

This golden honey has the full flavour of Pine entwined with Thyme, a distinctive taste with high nutritional values.

Raw Organic Cretan Pine Honey

ZOFORI Raw Organic Cretan Pine Honey is harvested from hives located in the Selekano Pine forests of Crete where the bees feast on an abundance of wild Pine. Raw Organic Pine Honey is antibacterial, high in antioxidants, potassium, calcium & has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its high antibacterial properties, apply Pine honey directly to the skin to accelerate the healing of wounds, burns & sunburn.

It has a unique aroma with a malty, slightly caramelized flavour.